Halisi Africa - African Cafe, Restaurant, Boutique  Tallahassee, FL
Afro-fusion cuisine combines spices, grains and other elements from culinary traditions of Africa and the African diaspora with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create unique, delicious, spicy, savory and sweet dishes



Tuesday - Saturday


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front of store Halisi Africa Cafe & Boutique


Halisi Africa Afro-fusion cuisine is located in Railroad Square across from Flippin Pinball.

From Gaines street, turn onto Railroad, then take a right onto FAMU Way (after the Hyatt Hotel), then take the 1st right at the roundabout & Halisi Africa will be about 10 shops down on the left. Look up for the signs on the buildings. 

NOTE: To use GPS, type in "Zanzi Bar" 

Afro-Fusion Cafe & Restaurant Tallahassee, FL

Experience 'Zanzi Bar', our Afro-Fusion cafe & bar that features delicious, exotic and unique dishes inspired from throughout the continent of Africa and the African diaspora including seafood, chicken and several vegan dishes. Featuring Ethiopian inspired, west African inspired, North African & East African inspired dishes like Afro-fusion stew flavored with egusi seeds & accompanied by fufu; our delicious Afro-fusion vegan 'jollof' rice; pilau rice with chicken; delicious wraps, signature bowls & more! We also sell spices, cacao and other gourmet items from Africa and the African diaspora and we proudly feature clothing, jewelry, shoes and other designer items from African designers