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A foodie experience appropriate for the world's richest continent featuring a different region of Africa every week

In this foodie experience, we present chef-prepared dishes and spices from specific regions of Africa to create an authentic meal. In addition to preparing and serving the dishes, we'll be discussing the ingredients and customs around gathering with food and friends, sourcing the spices, and celebrating in style as Africans so famously do.

Guests will be offered several courses, including a light appetizer, a traditional African 'swallow' or starch and an entrée prepared with your choice of jackfruit, chicken, salmon, or shrimp, a side, and a dessert.


This week, we're featuring 'Shiro' with Injera and Gomen, and our signature sauce made with Ethiopia's most popular spice -  Berbere into our sweet, spicy, deliciousness that we have coined "BerbereQ' - made only at Halisi.

We'll conclude the experience with African flaky pastry and Ethiopian honey, as well as choice of an Abyssinian coffee or tea.

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