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Cold Drinks  - $3.36

Specialty Teas

Bissap Tea - Ghanaian hibiscus tea made fresh with ginger and Ethiopian chai

Tamarind - tangy, sweet & refreshing tamarind makes a perfectly delicious African inspired 'lemonade' (without the lemon)

New! Oasis Nile-ade - lemonade infused with Egyptian fruit juice cocktail of guava, apple, pineapple, strawberry and carrot juices - refreshing and delicious! 

Fruit Infusions: 

Fruit infusions consist of 100% Fruit Juice of your choice from the options below, infused into Organic Kenyan Tea


Choices for infusions:

*Egyptian Guava  

*Egyptian Mango 

*South African Passionfruit

*South African Fruit Medley w/ organic pineapples

 Organic Kenyan Sweet Tea   $2.75  

Hot Drinks 

Ask about our selection of hot teas and coffees from various countries in Africa and the African Diaspora

Hot Teas - $4.15

Coffee - $4.30  


Today's Featured Beers:
Ethiopian Habesha


Ginger Beer

(4.4% alcohol)

our-beer-habesha-shadow (1).png
Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer_edited.png
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