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AV Life Oils  

 Back To Work  (BTW)


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Essential oils have been used on the continent of Africa for centuries. Long before pills and pharmaceuticals, our ancestors knew how to use oils, herbs and spices to heal diseases and treat sickness. Our unique blend of essential oils draw on the knowledge of our ancestors to create products designed to help keep our immune systems strong and fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. We also added in amazing, relaxing oils from the continent to aid in stress and anxiety relief.


Your kit contains 

* Essential Immunity Spray 

Essential Immunity Ingredients: Purified water, witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) & a proprietary blend of five essential oils. Enjoy this blend of essential oils as a mist on anything that you would like to be clean and free of germs. 

* Blu Bliss - Shea mini

Creamy, Soft, Smooth... pure luxury... and a proven germ fighter! Blu Bliss is whipped for softness and infused with the finest essential oils including frankincense and Moroccan blue chamomile. Smells amazing and fights germs like a pro. 

* 91:10 Sanitizer 

This spray is formulated with 80% ethyl alcohol to make sure you aren't taking one for the team. Spray everything. No worries. It won't stain clothes or desktops. Infused with organic orange blossom, it smells good and does the job (just like you). 

* Black LM Liquid Soap   

No more worries about super dry skin or harsh chemicals. Take your personal black soap with you on the job and use it to make sure your hands are free of germs. A little bit of this soft, foamy soap goes a long way. Much more than just liquid black soap, this soap is infused with essential oils to help keep your skin from drying out, while killing off the bad guys.   

* Keep Calm & Breathe - Steam Rx

Feeling stuffy? Use this steam treatment before bed to help clear up all that stuffiness so you can sleep better. Just add it to steaming water and breathe deep for about 5 minutes. Relax.

Feeling extra stuffy? Mix a few drops with your shea butter and rub it on your chest. Mixing it with the shea makes it gentle enough to put on your skin. Drink some tea from your Halisi Herb Kit (try Chamomile, Turmeric or Holy Basil) and go to sleep.    

Image by Stephanie Studer

The BTW kit contains all your essential needs for getting back to work with the protection of essential oils and proven germ fighters in 100% natural bases of shea butter, black soap and other natural ingredients. AV Life Oils collection is free of toxins, parabens, and preservatives.

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