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Zanzi Pizza 

Chapati bread crust, kachumbari (pickled red onions, cucumber & tomato), Very Spicy South African "Periperi" sauce, cheese and your choice of Jackfruit or chicken $7 (can be made vegan please ask for no cheese option) 

Mini Egusi Appetizer

This appetizer is the perfect size for trying something new! Ask the chef to add chicken or jackfruit or just have it as is, for a delicious, slightly spicy stew with little dippable fufu's  $8.50


Signature Entrees


Succulent and delicious oxtail, slow cooked in our housemade sweet & spicy berbere sauce    22


Lamb, marinated and slow roasted until tender in a savory lemon, garlic sauce   21


Delicious, fall-off-the-bone, tender goat meat slow-cooked in savory, creamy coconut curry sauce  22



Flaky, grilled Salmon, topped with our West African inspired sauce of tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, suya seasoning & creamy sunflower butter   20

*comes with your choice of two sides (grain + veg)

Afro-Fusion Stews

Wraps (mkate) 

Starting at $10.35

Afro-Fusion Bowls

sankofa with beef _edited.jpg

Afro-fusion Sides 

(all sides are vegan)

Jollof Rice  - rice cooked in a sauce of diced grape tomatoes, onions, and spicy West African seasoning  5.69 

Pilau Rice - rice cooked in coconut milk, savory caramelized onions, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and other East African spices   5.69 

Seasoned Rice - long grain rice seasoned with a blend of garlic, orange peel, paprika & other spices   3.62

Black beans & rice - slow simmered Caribbean style with onions, peppers, garlic and spices and served with long grain rice  4.95

Ndizi -Sweet Plantains - naturally sweet, lightly fried mature plantains (maduros)  5.21

Chapati - a delicious & flaky East African flat bread with a wonderful subtle flavor that can be eaten with sweet or savory dishes  5.18

Fufu - a filling West African dough-like ball made with cassava (root vegetable)  & young plantain that is boiled, pounded and dipped in soups/stews to soak up the flavors  5.18

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