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Halisi (huh/le/se)
Swahili: real, authentic, original

Our Story

Dr. Vanessa Byrd and Bryant Shaw are a mother and son team that developed HalisiAfrica and African Birthright LLC as a way to help other members of the African diaspora connect to their heritage. While Bryant lived in Africa establishing the relationships that would result in products on the shelves, Dr. Byrd invested countless hours to design and build the brick and mortar boutique and cafe that would house everything so that it would be inviting and memorable in every way. In 2019, the project came to life and as Halisi opened its doors to the public, the small black owned family business became a staple in the community offering treasures from African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Nigera, Morocco, and many more emerging markets in Africa. Even today, the dynamic duo is expanding efforts to invest in Africa and African diaspora with travel and study abroad programs and a steadily growing list of products from Black owned and African

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"The combination of diverse examples of African culture - including music, food, and fashion - makes Halisi Africa a favorable destination for visitors seeking to expand their palate, while enjoying a bit of rich history. With nearly three years of operation in Railroad Square Art District, Halisi Africa is divided into two sections: a boutique featuring clothing, jewelry, books, and more related to African diaspora, and a cafe featuring dishes in the form of Afro-fusion, a unique mixture of African cuisines and other cuisines from around the world." Tallahassee Democrat.

Congratulations on being named one of the best restaurants in Tallahassee! Restaurantji prides itself on recognizing the best restaurants in the industry, and Halisi Africa has truly stood out among the rest.

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