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Birthright Sahara


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Choose from available dates in September, October, and December. 
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Halisi Africa Tours invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity for people of African descent to explore their heritage in the amazing country of Morocco.

Beginning with the famous city of Casablanca, and including cities like Fez, Marrakech, and Agadir, we'll be traveling from the northwest coast of Africa, over the Atlas mountains to the edge of the largest hot desert in the world, the Sahara. On this epic journey, you will visit one of the three remaining African kingdom's. You'll also meet the Amazigh, the only people known to have conquered the Sahara. A country of indigenous ancient cultures, traditional art and medicine, historic downtown medinas, guided tours through ruins, mountain valleys and desert camp sites with guides and tour operators who were born and raised in Morocco. Who better to share real stories of African heritage and help you become familiar with the country’s history and current state? 

WHAT"S INCLUDED: The Birthright Sahara Journey includes all transportation once in Morocco (train, professional van transport, and camel rides) all lodging, all fees for expert guides, museums, national parks, and excursions (see below).  


Day 1  - Arrive in Lisbon, settle in accommodations, and relax. Dinner and freetime in downtown Lisbon, Portugal. 

Day 2  - Downtown Lisbon tour. Visit the old Medina, ancient Moorish ruins, and have dinner in little Africa at a Mozambique restaurant. 

Day 3 - Alhambra tour.

Bus to Granada for a tour of Alhambra the Moorish castle, once capital of the Iberian peninsula. Tour old town Granada and enjoy tapas at a Moroccan restaurant in the city. Stay overnight in Granada and catch the early ferry to Tangier in the morning.

Day 4 - Arrive in Tangier and join the downtown tour. We'll have lunch at the Riad while your guide checks in to accommodations. After lunch join the group on a half day tour of the mountain village Chefchaouen, known as the blue city. This Amazigh village is actually painted blue, and is surrounded by waterfalls and beautiful scenery. We'll enjoy the afternoon there with dinner and entertainment before heading back to Tangier.

Day 5 Rabat - Take the train to Rabat. Rabat downtown tour. Visit ILCS Headquarters in Rabat. Check in to accommodations

Day 6 - Rabat to Marrakech. Take the train from Rabat to Casablanca. Tour downtown Casablanca and catch a late train to Marrakech. 

Day 7 - Marrakech, Morocco is one of the most heavily visited cities in the world. Spend time with local artisans and herbalists, and learn about handmade crafts and textiles. Shop in the Moroccan Suk (market) with beautiful fabrics, clothing, and jewelry.

Day 8 - Marrakech and the mountains 

From Marrakech we'll visit the Atlas mountains and Amazigh homes built into the cliffside.  

Day 9 Reach the Sahara 

Travel by Camel into the Sahara along Amazigh routes to a campsite in the Sahara, where we'll enjoy entertainment and dinner by the bonfire. 

Day 10 Return trips home 

Drive from the Sahara back to Marrakech and fly from Marrakech back to Lisbon for return trip home.

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