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Study Abroad Sahara

Welcome to Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco, land of the Moors, is known for having conquered and maintained control of southern Europe for 7 centuries and helping to usher in the waive of philosophical and scientific growth known as the renaissance. Moorish General Tariq Ibn Ziyad, an Amazigh, led the Moorish army across the Strait of Gibraltar and captured the Iberian Peninsula, modern day Spain, in 711.  

The Amazigh, also known as the Berber, are the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa with an estimated population of 25 million people spread across the Sahara. The term Amazigh comes from the Amazigh language and literally means "free men" while the term Berber is associated with the European word for Barbarian. Today, the Imazighen is a group of tribes that have maintained their language and cultural traditions as the world changes around them. Modern day Morocco is about 80% Amazigh and almost half of the Moroccan population speaks an Amazigh language (there are three Amazigh dialects in Morocco). These remarkable people are the only true settlers of the Sahara Desert. Their presence in North Africa has resulted in a blended Arab and African community with its own alphabet and customs separate from those of Islam or Europe and untouched by colonial powers.


There are many ongoing projects and opportunities for people to contribute to for the development and growth of Moroccan communities. 



We offer a variety of courses including African studies, Modern Standard Arabic, Darija (Moroccan Arabic), Amazigh dialect, and French



Spend time with members of the community and meet like minded individuals from Morocco during our downtown tours and outings


Our program in Morocco focuses on cultural studies, language, and the study of the indigenous African nation that exists in the Sahara. We'll volunteer with the Institute of Leadership and Communication Studies in downtown Rabat and contribute to community development projects by lending our aide to the Moroccan people.

Although the immersion experience might take a toll, we also intend to make it comfortable and fun with tours all over Morocco, over the Atlas mountains into Imazighen territory, and an overnight campfire in the Sahara. You'll visit ancient manmade cities built into the mountains, world heritage sites, and desert sand dunes as wide as the eye can see. We also plan to welcome you home to Africa with a Rites of Passage ceremony acknowledging the centuries of separation and generations of distance between the African Diaspora and Africans born on the continent. Finally, your experience will include opportunities to invest in Africa and build wealth for future generations of African descendants. We will break the curse of generational poverty by spending the black dollar where it will have the most impact.

Ahlan wa Sahlan (welcome)

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