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Our Mission

Furaha (foo/raw/ha) Swahili: Joy

Joy: A sensation of great pleasure and happiness. As people of African Descent we far too often put aside our needs for the sake of a cause, but today, as a measure of self preservation, we're going to immerse in the feeling of joy. We're happy to be black and alive. What better way to show our gratitude for those who sacrificed their happiness to bring us here? This event is about self-care, indulgence, and most of all, joy. 

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What to expect?




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Our Team

This is the group of professionals responsible for putting together the funding, program, activities, and marketing for the Furaha Black Heritage Festival

Program Director,
Bryant Shaw

Furaha Event Committee Chair

Tallahassee Native, Pan-African, and educator Bryant Shaw organizes the annual Furaha Black Heritage Festival in remembrance and celebration of the achievements of those that made this possible. We are guided by the Kwanzaa principles of Umoja (unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), and Kuumba (creativity). This event provides a space for local and small black owned businesses and organizations of Tallahassee, Leon County, and surrounding areas.


Furaha Festival Event Committee

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These community members came together during the Kwanzaa events hosted by Halisi Africa and they volunteered their time and energy to contribute to the planning and success of this event.

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Activities Coordinator,
Dr. Chris Omni

The Black Joy Scholar

Dr. Omni’s research explores nature’s influence on the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of Black women. By blending her 25-year background in public health with her foreground in art education, Dr. Omni’s presentations provide a counter narrative to the typical deficit lens generally applied to the Black experience.

Please join us for Furaha Festival's closing ceremony as Dr. Omni shares an Ancestral meditation of health, healing, and hope as we gather together to bear witness to the setting sun.

Lead Contributors

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